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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if practice is cancelled?

Text TBTWC to 43506 for time sensitive updates.

What should my wrestler wear to practice?

Clean practice gear should be worn at all times. No jeans or clothing with zippers or buttons is allowed on the mats, as they can injure other wrestlers and tear the mats. Sweat pants, shorts, tee shirts, and sweatshirts are appropriate. Remember, if a singlet is worn to practice, it is now dirty and needs to be washed before wearing again. Wrestling shoes should not be worn to practice, they need to be carried in. Put your wrestling shoes after you enter the building.  Also, no street shoes will be allowed on the mat. If you do not have wrestling shoes, then socks can be worn for the 1st few practices.

Can I watch my wrestler practice?

Even prior to covid we ran closed practices with a few exceptions for special occasions.  This year we are 100% closed.  Only carded coaches and wrestlers will be allowed in the room. Coaches will always be available to assist with any and all questions concerning practice or competition. If you ever come up into the wrestling room, remember, TAKE YOUR SHOES OFF, NO STREET SHOES ON THE WRESTLING MATS.

Can I help coach?

Yes you can!!  We encourage parents to get involved.  Even if you never wrestled you can help out.  Reach out to Coach Hogan by email @ for instructions on becoming a TBTWC coach.  All of our coaches undergo background checks/an athlete abuse course/and are registered “Wrestling Leaders” with USA Wrestling.

How do I get to practices when we host them @ Washburn Rural High School?