How Do I Sign Up?

Mandatory Registration Steps:

1.All families must fill out the 2022-2023 Season Registration Form here
2. If you have not already you need to go purchase a USA Wrestling card for each one of your wrestlers.  These cards are $40 and can be paid for via USA WRESTLING. USAW cards are required to practice or compete for TBTWC AND USD437.    USAW Card Insurance Information
* Note HS wrestlers born BEFORE 8/31/2002 must complete SafeSport training to be able to get a USA Card.  SafeSport training is a free ethics and abuse prevention class done online in roughly 1 hour’s time. 
2022 Spring Session Fees: NO FEES OUTSIDE OF USAW CARD
2022 Summer Session Fees: NO FEES OUTSIDE OF USAW CARD
2022 Fall Session Fees: NO FEES OUTSIDE OF USAW CARD

2022-2023 Winter Session Fees: See Below

  • $50 Registration Fee(per family per year)
  • $40 Per Month for Novice(per wrestler per month)
  • $50 per month for Open & Elite(per wrestler per month)
  • 2nd sibling receives 50% off normal rate*
  • 3rd and beyond sibling FREE*

*Siblings must live in same household

TBTWC Yearly Registration Fee is PER FAMILY
Description of Practice Levels: 
Novice Wrestlers(1st and 2nd year wrestlers 7 years old or less)
Open Wrestlers(1st/2nd/3rd/4th year wrestlers 8 and up)

Elite Wrestlers(3rd year and above)

*None of these levels are concrete rules but between these 3 classes we can suit most everyone’s needs. Reach out if you have questions on where your wrestler fits.

Practice Schedule: “Regular Season” November Through March
Winter Practices Start:  November 1st 2022 – March 2023 – Practice schedule is available one our events page/calendar
Practice Locations:
(November-February)Washburn Rural Middle School Wrestling Room – 5620 SW 61st Street, Topeka, KS 66619
(March-October)Washburn Rural High School Wrestling Room – 5900 SW 61st Street, Topeka, KS 66619
Expanded Information about Novice/Open/Elite classes:
Novice – This group is geared towards a slower pace of learning with more fun and games.  The goal of this group is to teach the wrestlers to love the sport while also teaching the most basic  fundamentals in USA Wrestling’s Level 1 core curriculum.  NO HS WRESTLERS WILL FALL IN THE NOVICE CATEGORY
Open – This group is geared toward accelerated learning of the fundamentals of wrestling and wrestling movements.  The goal of this group is to get wrestlers’ competition ready as quickly as possible through teaching all of USA Wrestling Level 1 core curriculum and some of USA Wrestling Level 2 and 3 core curriculum.  We do some agility and tumbling with this group as well as a fair amount of conditioning.
Elite – This group is geared toward continued mastery of our “go to” offenses and defenses and keeping our wrestlers in the best wrestling shape as is possible.  This group is expected to know and be able to perform USAW’s level 1 curriculum completely as well as much from level 2 and 3.  We are constantly introducing new techniques to our elite wrestlers.  The expectations are that the wrestlers in our Elite room are training to become State/National Placers and Champions.  These practices are all gas and no brakes and can be VERY physically and mentally demanding for your wrestler(s).  Our goal has always been and remains to be to break down your wrestlers physically and mentally so we can then build them back up stronger.  Lots of blood, sweat, tears, and puke have been shed in these practices.  Once your wrestler is ready for the Elite room, it is in my and all of our staff/boards opinion that the treatment they get in that room will have a tremendous and invaluable impact on them both on and off the mat for the rest of their lives!