– Folkstyle Season Lasts Nov-Mar(this is the main style wrestled in HS’s and College’s in the USA)

– Typically Children Aged 5-14(some 4 year olds and the very rare 3 year old are mentally/physically ready)(any 3 yo’s and 80% of 4 yo’s require a parent on the mat throughout practice to keep them focused/not disruptive)

– Practices will be at Washburn Rural Middle School – 5620 SW 61st St, Topeka, KS 66619, United States

– Novice Wrestlers(1st and 2nd year wrestlers 7 years old or less) 

– Open Wrestlers(1st/2nd/3rd/4th year wrestlers 8 and up) 

– Elite Wrestlers(4th year and above) 

– Some younger kids wrestle Open.  Some Older kids wrestle Novice.  These classes are not concrete but rather general guidelines.

– Freestyle Greco Season Lasts April-Early June(has a much lower participation rate than folkstyle)***

– We do not recommend that all novice wrestlers compete.  The child’s emotional and physical maturity should be what dictates that decision.

– Costs involved can be found in our online store here

– Novice season ends around the 1st of March(unless they wrestle in the Open State Championship series of tournaments then they will wrestle until the end of March)

– Weekend tournaments are held at HS’s and venues throughout the state almost year round $ cost $20-50$ on average.

– In order to practice you must have wrestling shoes(30-50$ish for basic shoes which do just fine)

– In order to compete you must have headgear(20-50$) and a team singlet.

– We rent team singlets/headgear AND order a new design of singlet($50ish) every year.