2021-2022 Topeka Blue Thunder Parent Meeting


Who are we? 

TBTWC is a youth wrestling club dedicated to giving as many children as possible the opportunity to be involved in the sport of wrestling in a safe, fun, and growth inspiring environment.  Originally formed to feed Washburn Rural HS wrestling, we now draw no borders and serve youth from all round the Topeka/Shawnee County area.


Who are our coaches?

Joshua Hogan(10th year) – Director/Novice Coach topekabluethunderwrestling@gmail.com

Travis McBurney(5th year) – Open/Elite Coach 

Austin Killinger(4th year) – Open/Elite Coach 

HS Advisors?

Joshua Hogan(WRHS Men’s Wrestling Coach) hoganjos@usd437.net

Damon Parker(WRHS Women’s Wrestling Coach) parkedam@usd437.net

Oversight Committee?

Doug Vincent – Justin Broxterman – Aaron Rivera – Lance Doyal

Peaceful and Harmonious Relationships

  • Topeka Blue Thunder is unique in many ways, and we have much to be proud of as a club.  That said, we are also strikingly similar to any other club or organization that you have been associated with.  One of those similarities and at the same time a likely difference is how “drama” is managed.  Every organization has “drama” to one level or another.  Drama, where permitted to grow, tears at the fabric of trust, unity and the advancement of the big picture.  The biggest source of drama in wrestling clubs can be summarized by three words: “gossip”, “triangulation” and “sportsmanship”.  TBTWC does not tolerate gossip, triangulation or poor sportsmanship from athletes, parents/friends/families of athletes, coaches or advisory staff.  Trust, respect, directness, honor and sportsmanship are the values of TBTWC.  If you have an issue that is bothering you, or your athlete, please directly bring it up with the director, a coach or a member of the oversight committee.  We will see to it that you are assisted in resolving the matter, or perhaps provide a different perspective to consider.  We do not tolerate “drama”.  We will address “drama” directly, openly, honestly and as quickly as possible. 


Practice Schedule(Nov-March)(April-October TBD)(August is OFF month)

Novice – Mon/Tues/Thurs 6-7pm

Open – Mon 7-8 Wed 6-7 Fri 6-7

Elite – Tues/Wed/Thur 7-830


Practice Levels – Levels are not concrete

Novice – 5-8 year olds(1st and 2nd year)

Open – 8-14 year olds(1st and 2nd year)

Elite – 7-14 years old(3rd+ year)


Practice Location – Subject to change

WRMS Wrestling Room – *closed practices after 1st week*


Equipment and Requirements

  • All wrestlers are required to have wrestling shoes(after the 2nd week).
  • Headgear and a  team branded competition uniform are required for competition.
  • Wrestlers with braces must have mouthguards
  • All coaches are required to pass a background check, complete safesport training & purchase a USAW(USA Wrestling) Wrestling Leader Card to step foot on the mat!!
  • All wrestlers are required to have a USAW insurance card purchased by the parents through USAW($40 once a year good Sept 1 –  Aug 30th)
  • All wrestlers are required to pay monthly and or annual dues
  • Coming to all of the practices in your level is NOT REQUIRED but IS RECOMMENDED
  • It is required that you keep drama out of wrestling.
  • Donate your old wrestling shoes!
  • Gear store(s) will open soon for ordering spirit wear and competition uniforms.


  • Shower immediately after practice
  • Wash equipment on a routine basis.  Practice clothes should not be worn twice without washing!!!!!
  • Keep cuts/scrapes(no matter how small) clean and covered
  • Keep fingernails clipped short
  • Once a skin outbreak is noticed, a wrestler will not be allowed back on the mat until it has been treated for at least 3 days.

Parent/Coach/Athlete Expectations

  • Represent TBTWC well(includes social media)
  • Sportsmanship at practice and tournaments
  • Support teammates & attend matches
  • Be on time
  • Meet deadlines
  • Conflicts and concerns – open door policy.  PLEASE REACH OUT!
  • Email is the main means of communication.  Emergency Text Line – Looking at Apps 


  • $50 Registration Fee(per family)
  • $40 Per Month for Novice(per wrestler)
  • $50 per month for Open & Elite(per wrestler)
  • 2nd and 3rd sibling receive 50% off normal rate*
  • 4th and beyond sibling FREE*
  • Annual Pay Options Available @ 10% discount

*Siblings must live in same household


Home Tournament @ WRHS

  • This is our primary fundraiser
  • We need 100% parent involvement(it will take many volunteers to make this a success)
  • Setup, teardown, weigh in’s, food prep, kitchen help, table workers, hospitality
  • Tentative Date is Sunday February 13th 2021 @ WRHS(day after girls HS regional)